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MAJ 19/03/2018

1.Abdou K., Gascuel D., Aubin J., Romdhane M.S., Ben Rais Lasram F., Le Loc’h F. (2018) Enviromental life cycle assessment of seafood production : A case study of trawler catches in Tunisia. Science of the Total Environment, 610-611:298-307.

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3.Borderie S., Graveleau F., Witt C., Vendeville B. (2018) Impact of an interbedded viscous décollement on the structural and kinematic coupling in fold-and-thrust belts : Insights from analogue modeling. Tectonophysics, 722:118-137.

4.Bouchet V.M.P, Goberville E, Frontalini F. (2018) Benthic foraminifera to assess Ecological Quality Statuses in Italian transitional waters. Ecological Indicators, 84:130-139.

5.Cuvillier-Hot V., Gaudron S.M., Massol F., Boidin-Wichlacz C., Pennel T., Lesven L., Net S., Papot C., Ravaux J., Vekemans X., Billon G., Tasiemski A. (2018) Immune failure reveals vulnerability of populations exposed to pollution in the bioindicator species Hediste diversicolor. Science of Total Environment, 613-614:1527-1542.

6.Karasiewicz S., Breton E., Lefebvre A., Farinas T.H., Lefebvre S., (2018) Realized niche analysis of phytoplankton communities involving HAB : Phaeocystis spp. As a case study. Harmful Algae, 72:1-13.

7.Ligi M., Bonatti E., Bosworth W., Cai Y., Cipriani A., Palmiotto C., Ronca S., Seyler M. (2018) Birth of an ocean in the Red Sea : Oceanic-type basaltic melt intrusions precede continental rupture. Gondwana Research, 54:150-160.

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10.Tous Rius A., Denis L., Dauvin J.C., Spilmont N. (2018) Macrobentic diversity and sediment-water exchanges of oxygen and ammonium : Example of two subtidal communities of the eastern English Channel. Journal of Sea Research, 136:15-27.