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MAJ 04/08/2017

1.Bacha M., Jeyid M. A., Vantrepotte V., Dessailly D., & Amara R. (2017). Environmental effects on the spatio‐temporal patterns of abundance and distribution of Sardina pilchardus and sardinella off the Mauritanian coast (North‐West Africa). Fisheries Oceanography, 26(3),:282-298.hal-01572000

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5.Crémière A., Strauss H., Sebilo M., Hong W.L., Gros O., Schmidt S., Tocny J., Henry F., Gontharet S., Laverman A.M (2017). Sulfur diagenesis under rapid accumulation of organic-rich sediments in a marine mangrove from Guadeloupe (French West Indies).Chemical Geology, 454, 67-79. hal 01507696

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